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Right. This Friday I'm gonna go around the 2 TRU, 5 Toymasters, 1 Forbidden Planet International, 4 Argos stores and 6 Woolworths stores that are in my area. I last went to my 2 nearest Woolworths on Monday and they still had Tidal Wave, Prime, Treadbolt, Ironhide, Tow Line, Demolishor, Doom Lock and Command Ravage.
My nearest TRU store only have Bulkhead, Unicron, Omega Supreme and the Autobot Micromasters in stock.

None of the above stores online sites list Six Shot, Cliffjumper or any of the combiners yet either. They have'nt even stocked a Jetfire yet.

Which part of the country are these figures being sighted ?

EDIT: Ellis models in the UK have UK Energon versions of Duststorm, Treadshot, Sky Shadow and Sledge in stock at 7.99 each. TRU UK online store have now updated their list with Energon Cliffjumper - less than 5 in stock at 19.99.

Will still be going into the stores on Friday to see what other figures are available.

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