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Originally posted by Nevermore
The Energon combiners have been out in the UK for quite a while now, and I think the Micromaster Constructicons have also been spotted before?

As for Alternators Wheeljack, there have been a few packaged samples on eBay before. I'mw aiting for confirmation from someone like Remy whether he's now actually OFFICIALLY out in HK.

And GF Flame Convoy has already been officially released in Japan.
When I went into my Local TRU and asked them about the Micro Constructicons as I was looking for the micro Protectobots. I was told that they had came in this morning. First time stock. They also only had the Energon combiners in last week. Same with Woolworths who only had them in stock from Monday this week.

Still no sign of Energon Cliffjumper or Shockblast though.
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