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Originally posted by Brave Maximus
Yes, because we are in bad need of a Japanese TF's "Everything you never wanted to Know" thread. The thread just below this one is a prime example for this - as it seems half of the posters have no idea what they're talking about (or the proper use of a keyboard, and the over use of Smilies). So what I need is some help on questions that keep coming up, here's what I have so far:
Well, I can give you some short-hand answers for now.

Origins of the "Bad Dubs":

The english dub for Headmasters, Masterforce and Victory were done for a Hong Kong television station called "Star TV". I don't know the name of the actual dubbing group, but we usually just refer to them as the "Star TV People". And, believe it or not, they ARE professionals and they STILL get work. They dubbed all of the Heisei-era Godzilla films as well as many martial arts movies (including the live action Dragonball movie). They're based in Hong Kong, or so I'm lead to believe. The translations are poor as most of them are the actual literal translation. Hence why they're very boring and/or make no sense. They also, for reasons unknown, changed names. Some really random crap like Broadcast being called "Billy", Blur being called "Willy", Metroplex being called "Phillip" and all the Trainbots being called "Grimlock". Some of the wrong names were actually due to noble attempts to translate the names from the Japanese pronunciation. They called Meister (Jazz in the US) "Maestro" and they called Dashtaker "Batchtaster". Hey, at least they tried. Also, they decided to use the ENGLISH names for all the characters in their dub of Masterforce. So no, that is NOT Optimus Prime. That's Jinrai. And Nightbeat's still a guy.

Where to find\DL shows: I'm no expert on downloading, but all the Star TV-dubbed episodes can be purchased on eBay for dirt cheap prices. They show up regularly, in complete seasonsets on DVD. Just type them in.

Characters (Real name\Star TV mockery):

Energon Cubes/Matrix-Power Pack
Mega Zarak-The Scorpion
???-Planet Sydnia (can't remember tha Japanese name)
Trainbots (all of em)-Grimlock

Jinrai-Optimus Prime
Sixknight-Sixshot (even though his American name was Quickswitch)
Metalhawk-Hawk (toy never sold in America)
Grand Maximus-Fortress Maximus (repaint never sold in America, NOT the same character)
Browning-B.M. (toy never sold in America)
Cancer-Squeezeplay (BTW, he is a BOY)
Turtler-Snap Trap
Black Zarak-Scorponok (toy not sold in America)

Greatshot-Sixshot (toy not sold in America, though in the show Greatshot was an upgraded version of Headmasters Sixshot)
Holi-Fixit (despite his American name being "Stakeout", Fixit was the name of the Rescue Patrol ambulance in America)
Jan-Mikan (strange name change, as "mikan" means "fruit")
Dashtaker-Batchtaster (my favorite)
Goryu-Icepick (despite his American toybeing called "Scowl")


Fight Super Robot Life (G1 seasons 1-2)
Scramble City (Scramble City Toys AKA Scramble City 2, which it isn't, is NOT continuity)
Transformers the Movie (the movie is not called Matrix Forever)
2010 (G1 season 3, Rebirth, though released in Japan, is not in continuity)
Zone (OVA)
Zone (Manga)
Battlestars: Return of Convoy and Operation Combination (both take place at the same time)
Generation 2 (not to be confused with America's G2 comic)
Beast Wars (US season 1 only)
Beast Wars II
Beast Wars II the Movie: Lio Convoy in Immediate Danger!
Beast Wars Metals (US seasons 2-3)
Beast Wars Neo
Beast Wars Returns (Beast Machines)

Alternate Continuity Series-

Car Robot (Robots in Disguise)

Micron Legend (Armada)
Superlink (Energon)

Galaxy Force (Cybertron, however it is not a sequel to Superlink)


Planet Master-where Headmaster technology was developed
Planet Micro-where Micromaster technology was developed
Planet Zone-Cybertron base of operations in Zone
Planet Sydnia (Star TV name, can't remember the Japanese name)-Cybertron base of operations in Headmasters
Enerogia-prehistoric Earth in Beast Wars; they called it Enerogia before they realised where they were
Gaea-the planet where Unicron's Angromois Energy was trapped during Beast Wars II; Lio Convoy's Robot Master tech spec reveals to to have actually been future Earth
Cybertron-blown up in Headmasters but rebuilt after Battlestars

That's all I can do for now.

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