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Default ARMADA: Like we didn't know this was coming....

Its official....
TRANSFORMERS: There are robots... and then there are ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! When Hasbro introduced the TRANSFORMERS brand in the U.S. nearly 20 years ago, it popularized a unique concept -- vehicles that kids can change to robots and back again. This fall, Hasbro will introduce a new segment called TRANSFORMERS ARMADA. In addition to change and combination, the TRANSFORMERS ARMADA line features a new way to play for the TRANSFORMERS brand -- "integration." The line and television show will feature a new breed of TRANSFORMERS robots called MINI-CON TRANSFORMERS. These MINI-CON TRANSFORMERS robots "plug" into larger TRANSFORMERS robots from the different assortments to enhance battle features and unlock hidden features, bringing more exciting elements of play and discovery for kids and collectors. (Approximate retail price: $6.99-39.99; recommended ages: 5 & up; available in August)

For official Hasbro announcement, click da link

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