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Default Nu G1 voice actors in upcoming TF movie?

Interview with producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura:

IESB: Is the Transformers movie going stay true to the comics and the very well known Gen 1 cartoons and storyline?

di Bonaventura: We are going to stay true to the Transformers.

IESB: How much did the John Rogers script change or was it a complete rewrite?

di Bonaventura: It will be a completely different movie and it is a completely different script.

IESB: Don Murphy has been very vocal of his desire of using some of the original voice over actors such as Frank Welker and Peter Cullen in the film, do you, Spielberg and Bay feel the same?

di Bonaventura: No, I don't believe that is going to happen, I don't know why you would want the original voice over actors. Here you go, this is going to be the process, we are going to meet a lot of people for the voice over's and those guy's might end up being it but making the assumption going in [that the original actors will be used] is I think kind of silly actually. I think people want the best actors to do it. The best Optimus Prime and the best you know, all these characters, you know you want , hmm, I understand I grew up with them too, so you want to be true to characters. I think what's important is being true to them. I don't think being true to them means in literally using the same voice over actors. Some of those guys are TV cartoon guy's. I want get better characters if we can. Some of them might be able to do that and some may not, I am sure that they will get the opportunity.

IESB: Michael Bay has said that the Transformers will be shot 100% in the gold ole U.S.A., is that still the plan?

di Bonaventura: Yes, I think that will be the case.


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