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IESB: Is the Transformers movie going stay true to the comics and the very well known Gen 1 cartoons and storyline?

Translated Answer: No

IESB: How much did the John Rogers script change or was it a complete rewrite?

Translated Answer: Complete rewrite. It sucked, but we wanted to find ways to highlight our actors, not those stupid toys.

IESB: Don Murphy has been very vocal of his desire of using some of the original voice over actors such as Frank Welker and Peter Cullen in the film, do you, Spielberg and Bay feel the same?

Translated Answer: God no! We want 'sellable names'. Look for Brad Pitt to play Bumblebee, and other super-stars to phone in their bad voice work!

IESB: Michael Bay has said that the Transformers will be shot 100% in the gold ole U.S.A., is that still the plan?

Translated Answer: That's the plan, until we don't want to do it to save some cash, or we want to spend money stupidly on location shots.
I get a sinking feeling more and more about this movie, and am now firmly in the 'please, God, don't let this actually be made' camp. I mean, these guys obviously don't LIKE Transformers.. they just want to cash in on the nostalgia...
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