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I tend to agree with you all. Hi I am new, but I have been a transformers fan ever since i was a wee lad. The director does seem to just want to make money through the good memories that the first movie accomplished so durned well. It is extremely difficult in my book, however, to replace the man who did the voice of Unicron originally, Orson Welles. Then a rewrite of the original story?? It sounds like another corny Hollywood remake like Bewtiched, Dukes of Hazzard, Herbie, etc. that some of us loathe to pieces and wish to destroy with many ballpeen hammers. Was there not some mention earlier that the original movie was under-appreciated? I do not see how that is possible really because thats when the series really did their durned best in colors, character animation, etc. On none of the original voice actors being used by Odin's big fluffy raven Batman this movie will be a dissapointment like Transformers: Armada and Cybertron have been somewhat dissapointments for me (please msn me for me to explain my feelings on those because they are long and drawn out). Thankyou all for having this forum to post one's feelings on this.
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