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Mainly, I want Cullen and Welker simply because they haven't voiced the characters in so long. Nothing against Chalk and Kaye, but with the exception of Car Robots/RID, they've been voicing Op and Megs(in one form or another) for about 10 years now. Yes, for a half hour cartoon, getting Cullen and Welker(who probably aren't as cost effective to hire as they used to be), it's better for the budget to hire the newer guys.

Unfortunately for Chalk and Kaye, they've been saddled with ADR stuff(I'm guessing Mainframe did the "put actors in room, let them record together" thing), and to be brutally honest Armada didn't impress me, Energon was good for a nostalgia kick(but little else), and the one ep I've seen of Cybertron isn't getting my hopes up. Would I watch if they shelled out the money for Cullen and Welker? Probably not.

But if they're going to make a movie based on G1, then they should use the G1 cast, where they can. For the parts they'd need to fill......

Get, say, Jeremy Irons to play Starscream. Hearing Starscream as a cold and calculating schemer would be neat, I think.

Pierce Brosnan to play Nightbeat.

Denzel Washington to play Jazz.

Judd Nelson to play Hot Rod.(I don't think he's been in anything for a while....)

But you see my point. Getting, say, Ben Affleck to play Prime, while you have the name draw, isn't going to work on the group this movie's being unintentionally aimed at.

Edit: And I thought Season 3 sucked, too.......

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