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Default Not an old series

It's very clear from everything I've heard about Armada (both confirmed and unconfirmed) that Hasbro is not doing some rehash here. Okay, the Headmasters and Powermasters are very similar in concept, but nothing about the assortment info or the idea of minicons themselves lends credibility to theories of them bringing over a Japanese series or reissuing HM or PM toys. I do think the selling three-packs of minicons separately is suggesting of the Japanese Headmaster toyline where the heads are sold separately, but there's very little else that could be a reissue of some sort, and most information contradicts the reissue idea. It sounds exactly like Hasbro is doing a new show and new toys based on a revamp of the old concept. Minicons are probably as far from being HMs or PMs (and TMs for that matter) as HMs are from PMs. They are a set of small TFs that bigger TFs use, but they don't seem to share much else.
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