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...and ain't it better this way? Everbody can read things the way they wish... and they even get official approval to do so.

Why limit Armada to G1 continuity? What storylines were left to tell in that, anyway? Mainly events which would explain, detail or make sense of other events... and that would not form the basis of a new series. It would also rely on things being incredibly general for new fans to be able to latch onto it. We've seen this fail with large media properties such as X-Men; things get too complicated and you lose a big percentage of your audience. Partly this is because the average consumer IQ and attention span is not immense.

Tying all of the continuities together AIN'T possible without ignoring bits of each. Which... I've been doing for years... and I think we all naturally did as kids (those of us who collected both the comics and the cartoons from G1.)

Just because some details from G1 are thrown in, doesn't mean that it's the same continuity/universe. Follow any sci-fi show for long enough and invariably, the parallel dimension theory becomes the only way for the plot to go... nope, Hasbro's been pretty good throwing in a few references for the oldskoolers amongst us, but it can't pretend to a coherent unity of mythos: Basically, robots transform. That's all the unity we have... really, it's all we need.

(Post cobbled together from stuff I've just typed elsewhere.)
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