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Originally posted by Denyer
It'd be nice if the UK backtracked and got Hound, TBH... Swindle isn't exactly an attractive colour, nor does this seem to be.
Yeah, my area never got Hound, either. I'm hoping they eventually re-release him, like they're doing with Tracks. My area completely missed the Hound/Tracks wave.

Luckily, I've got Ravage and Swindle, so I still have the molds, and by getting the decepticons, the factions are slightly balanced (I still have more autobots, but it's only something like 7-5, I think). Missed out on Decepticharge as well. Glad I got windcharger. It's proven to be my favorite mold so far, even without the gunbarrel.

You know, I really hate the impreza mold. It's the worst one. You'd think that they'd at least incorporate some of the improvements that were added to the Mazda mold.

I still say that they should have done something different with the Prime. Yeah, the Japanese wanted him to be a Convoy, but the companies could have developed different head molds for their respective toys.

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