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Just as a side note, Hasbro's preview material in the UK Toy Trade magazines ahead of the NEC Spring Fair says that Alternators are remaining an FOB-only item.

"What does that mean?" I hear you ask. Well, basically it means that Hasbro won't hold stock of the item and that any shop that wants to run it has to place a bulk order direct with the factory, commit to all that stock and deal with the distribution themselves.

Which probably means that Argos are gonna stay as the only chain carrying the line in the UK. There's an outside chance it might pop up in Woolworths, but I'd be surprised.

And for those curious, yes, the factory-direct arrangement does give the retailer a greater control over the assortment, as they can basically tell Hasbro "we don't like X design - we'll only order if you swap it out for Y"
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