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Originally posted by Ravage_mk2

The thing you can tell from 6 pages, with Soundwave being excavated? This: this means TROUBLE. I'm not sure Soundwave would be glad being rescued by humans.
I have read somewhere that in this new G1 series some humans want to steal the transformers technology and use it in the industrial.

(Edit: now I know where, I have read it above!)


Lazarus = Spike, interresting theory MeGrimlock. Lazarus does KNOW ALOT about them alright...
Now, it seems that Lazarus is 'selling' the transformers to a business man. Would Spike do that?

BTW He knows really a lot, even the exact point of antartic (or is it artic) where they are buried. Maybe he was aboard the Ark when it left the Earth.

The scar on Lazarus's face could be a result of the crash.

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