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Originally posted by Ford DeceptiFocus
Considering how much everybody seems to be whining about Infiltration on the boards, it's not shocking to me at all.
Yeh, everyone's whining because we aren't buying all 97 covers and some of us can read it without masturbating. People whining isn't a bad thing; it's when they stop whining and either a) happily accept whatever dross is slapped between the covers, no offence or b) stop whining because they've dropped the book. People don't have reservations about Infiltration randomly out of spite - Hell, enough people think they can't do any wrong simply because they're not Dreamwave. The sales drop is likely to be partially to do with people who started out with a "collect them all" mentality, and partly due to the usual drop from a #1 to #2, with less random buyers prepared to gamble $2.25 (or whatever, I'm not getting up to find the thing for pedantry) on a future collector's item.

They're healthy sales, tbh, as long as they stabilise thereabouts. The DW series benefitted from what was basically a decade's anticipation and a totally clear board (lots of casual fans, because not all are plugged into Ver Intarweb, probably didn't really take in whether anything's changed... why should Infiltration be any less disappointing than, say, that crap with the Insecticons?) to get their sales figures - they also went for hype over long-term plans, and had Lee's sizeable following behind them, plus the peak of the nostalgia bubble.

BW - I'm pleased and surprised it's actually done so well. It's a small market within a small market within a small market... it's the comic buyers who buy Transformers comics who like Beast Wars and want a comic of Beast Wars... comic sales have nothing to do with quality.

I'm very skeptical about the idea of toy cross-promotion. It'd snare only a small amount of buyers, probably not enough to warrant the effort. What toys would you pack in a smaller comic with? Alternators? How many would you lose after one purchase when they realise it's not about Alternators? Maybe neo-G1 would be a possible, but again I seriously think most of those who would be interested in a Transformers comic are aware of it. Those are respectable figures, as a nostalgia/toy tie-in title is never going to consistently rock long-established DC/Marvel superhero titles.
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