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Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Yeh, everyone's whining because we aren't buying all 97 covers and some of us can read it without masturbating.
Are you saying that you are looking forward to an issue that you CAN masturbate to? Personally, I think that is rather severe, but hey, to each his own. As for me, I prefer p*rn--the non transforming kind. *grin*

Originally posted by Cliffjumper

BW - I'm pleased and surprised it's actually done so well. It's a small market within a small market within a small market... it's the comic buyers who buy Transformers comics who like Beast Wars and want a comic of Beast Wars... comic sales have nothing to do with quality.
It appears to be general consensus that Beast Wars was far superior to G1, in terms of its associated cartoon. Most fans from the 80's seem to even prefer Beast Wars for the most adult stories. I would actually argue, there should be MORE fans for Beast Wars, than G1, since those that grew up on Beast Wars only later on discovered G1--assuming they discovered it at all. Whereas G1 fans graduated from G1 to Beast Wars--thus making the Beast Wars fans base larger.

Originally posted by Cliffjumper

I'm very skeptical about the idea of toy cross-promotion. It'd snare only a small amount of buyers, probably not enough to warrant the effort. What toys would you pack in a smaller comic with? Alternators? How many would you lose after one purchase when they realise it's not about Alternators? Maybe neo-G1 would be a possible, but again I seriously think most of those who would be interested in a Transformers comic are aware of it. Those are respectable figures, as a nostalgia/toy tie-in title is never going to consistently rock long-established DC/Marvel superhero titles.
We have to remember there is a HUGE difference between the casual fan, children, teens, and adult segments in the martketplace. The average kid isn't even going to know there is a new Beast Wars or Transformers comic out. They don't know "release dates"--rather they go to the store when their parents' take them--and when their parents' give them money. The average teen right now did not grow up on either G1 OR Beast Wars. They grew up on Armada/Energon/Cybertron--and the first two were kids towards CHILDREN. So unless they have discovered the toys or possibly Cybertron, the likelihood of them discovering the G1/Beast Wars comic is small. Again I'm speaking of "casual fans"...not those that visit comic book stores weekly.

Now the FANS...we tend to know release dates out months in advance. LOL. We're a little nuts. We're a SMALL percentage of the total fan base for Transformers.

What I am advocating are advertisements like you see in DVD cases promoting relating merchandise available for purchase. ( comics available at comic book stores) This would raise awareness with CASUAL consumers that there even ARE new Tranformers/Beast Wars comics available to purchase. Otherwise their only shot of discovering the new comics are 1. going to a comic store w/o any guidance or expectations 2. recommendation from a friend who has discovered 3. Hearing about it online. (Again...most CASUAL consumers don't know of these boards/sites).

Also I'm NOT saying put a mini-comic in with the toy. Merely an ADVERTISEMENT to go to the comic store.

This all being said, I believe with the coming movie in July 2007, IDW (and Hasbro) has a GOLDEN opportunity to REALLY promote the toys (cross promotion with the movie) and the comics (cross promote with the movie AND toys). To better understand what I'm saying...look at Happy Meal toys. Happy Meal Toys are not "freebies" randomly thrown in. They are cross-promotional advertisements to go to the toy store and buy the full-size toy. Same concept.

Just a thought.

But you also bring up a pretty nifty Alternator comic would be very cool. But what if...just follow me for a moment...what if the CURRENT IDW comic IS the new Neo G1 comic...and eventually it's going to lead up to the story of the Alternators? That would be pretty cool. That way, they could incorporate Unicron--logicallly--into the continuity--the Alternators into the continuity--logically--the rest of G1 & G2--logically and then wait for it....wait for it...give me what I really want....the gap from G1 to Beast Wars written about.


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