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Wow, y'know, I thought you were someone who could debate, but no, you're another guy who has a tizzy when someone argues back. Wonderful...

Originally posted by Ford DeceptiFocus
Yes, of course it's a "sweeping generalization"...if I had EXACT market data, I'd be working at Hasbro. And to be fair, your comment above was a "sweeping generalization" as well. Also, I don't know how it is in Europe, as I've only been there a few times, but in the States, pretty much every cent a 15-16 has is disposable. They don't pay rent or have a mortgage. They don't buy their own food. Etc. Etc.
They also generally don't earn too much, i.e. don't have much of an income... paper-rounds and whatever their parents give them. But feel free to act like a **** if it turns you on.

Just so we're clear...I'm being a total smart a$$.
And I don't think anyone would have argued had you not typed out a ****ing huge paragraph showing you're a total ass, but nevermind.

Armada & Energon for the most part was crap and we all know it. The toys sucked (with the exception of a few). Watching the cartoons was the equivalent of having sand poured into my eyes. And I at one point honestly feared that if watched one more minute of it, I was going to break down and go insane. It was like Pokemon that transformed.
Which is possibly why it sold so well. When you're marketing a toyline, you don't tend to aim it at people in the marketing industry, that's elemental. Now, what does that have to do with my point of Beast Wars selling, at the time, mainly to the same demographic that Cybertron does today? Bugger all. Absolutely **** all. I'm tempted to type different ways of saying that for nine lines, but there'd be little point. The only difference is Beast Wars went over a little better with the older fans... it's still not the mostaglia property G1 is. It's as much about social pressures as it is income, as I said.

Dude you're killing me here. CAPITALS CAPITALS ASSUMPTIONS ETC Yes, they know comic books exist, but ask some people that aren't fans "What comics titles do you think are in such and such store" and they'll either say, "Batman and Superman" or "I don't know."
I think everyone knows how basic marketing works, and you'd do yourself a massive favour by not ignoring the bulk of what I'm saying in order to act like you're giving some insider black knowledge. Hell, I keep on having to scroll down to see which bit of my post you've quoted and used as a springboard for a random tangent, that's how irrelevant most of what you're saying is.

Comics are a shrinking market... It needs much more than cross-promotion, which is largely evidenced by the way sales for titles like X-Men and Spider-Man have consistently fallen despite things like movies and Happy Meal toys. It's generally because those who've seen the movies have picked up a comic afterwards, and found it largely unrecognisable, and I think the same would happen with Transformers. Sure, it's worth a shot, anything that'd help out IDW would be great really. It didn't really help Armada's sales having pack-ins, though.

Naivite. Licensing is HUGE to a company's bottom line. It's as simple as that. Those that think otherwise, have never had a marketing class. "No reason?" It's call MONEY. That's the ONLY reason. Companies are NOT altruistic. In case you haven't figured it out, the CARTOON exists to PROMOTE THE TOYS. Which is why when whatever cartoon at the time is shuffled off to the 5am slot, people get mad, toy executives get pissed off, and I just laugh, because again Armada/Energon sucked.
Did I say licensing isn't huge? No I ****ing didn't, you ignorant fool. That's half of that quote written off as pointless dirge because you're spazzing out on words you've decided to put in my mouth.

If the cartoon exists to promote the toys, the comic exists why? Because if that's also to promote the toys, why should the toys then promote the comic?

I just meant that sales of one licensed comic book title isn't something Hasbro built their house on. Especially when those comics do not directly promote the toys. Unless Infiltration (or whatever subtitle it is by the time the thing hits the shelves) ties into neo-G1, it's only broadly promoting the Transformers name. Beast Wars, so far, doesn't even have the 10th Anniversary lines. Therefore it's not direct toy promotion, as none of them have been avaliable since about 1997-98 outside of clearance stores.

I'd actually wager that the poor sales of Armada and Energon, and the lack of any sign of a Cybertron title from IDW, is in some way linked to the comics being pretty minor on Hasbro's radar. It doesn't make much difference to the toy sales. The comic sales are a bonus to Hasbro - more money for them, fantastic, great. But they survived without a comic for five years, and they didn't go belly up inbetween DW and IDW. It's a bonus for them. An extra 10,000 copies sold a month would be good for them, but it's nothing that keeps their execs up at night.

I don't have a full advertising creative team with me in bed at the moment while I type this, but you should be able to see my point.
That you need four or five people to give you ideas?

Look, basically, you seem like a great bloke who can really debate. Just try replying to what I've posted rather than the marketing dogma in your head though, okay? And don't expect everyone online to go "oh, right" and roll over just because you're employed in a certain field.
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