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Originally posted by Denyer
This is relative to whatever else is causing a stir -- given a few more issues we may have buying trends, but there's very little to be gained from initial months stats. First of all, those are store pre-orders, not sales to customers. Stores order ahead of time, and will order more of a #1 -- if they they then sell out of #1 and #2, it's another couple of months before they put in a larger order for later issues.
It's a drop of 12,000 though, which is 25% (ish) of the readership and down to Dreamwave levels.

However, when Dreamwave were on the 30,000 mark for their ongoings, they only had one cover.

How many did IDW's issue 2 have? Six?

Given the amount of completist collectors bumping up this figure, that looks pretty disappointing to me.

Still bette than most IDW stuff but I suspect they pay less for the licensing of Angel and CSi than they paid Hasbro.
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