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Originally posted by Ford DeceptiFocus
Nevermind. I give up. You aren't open to other viewpoints, so there is no point responding again.
Because I'm the one stomping out of a topic like a spoilt little girl because someone doesn't just accept what I say. You coulda been a contender.

I really don't think, if the numbers stabilise, IDW are in trouble. I think DW probably gave a little too much weight to the license cost being prohibitive, or I don't think small companies would even think of taking it on. The title could surive nicely if it stays at that level.

Of course, it does, as you say, depend on whether the multiple covers are significantly inflating the figures. If, say, 25% of the sales are to the same customers and they then stop having the inclination or money to buy several copies of the same comic, well, that wouldn't be good at all

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