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Originally posted by tahukanuva
Ford DeceptiFocus, (clever)
Thanks. It's after my car, which has a Decepticon symbol on its hood and next to my license plate in the back.

Originally posted by tahukanuva
And what's with this crap about the average teen growing up on Armada/Energon/Cybertron? The average teen is seven years old to you? I'm 14 and I grew up with G2 and Beast Wars. I plan on buying the new Beast Wars comic. I plan on buying the new G1 series as well. Quit with the generalizations.
Armada/Energon/Cybertron has been on roughly 4-5 years. ROUGHLY. If you're 14, subtract 4-5 from that and you're going to get 9-10. Hence, you grew up on this cartoon as your "current" Transformers program on the air. I should also say that I probably should have said "young teens" have grown up on the Armada/Energon/Cybertron-verse, whereas, yes, you are correct, "older teens" were raised first on Beast Wars. I'm not saying younger people don't discover the older cartoons--many do, and I'm glad that they do--what I was getting at is that since most fans seem to think that Beast Wars was the best cartoon, I was a little surprised that it didn't have the biggest readership. Also, I am only referring to the United States, as my knowledge of releases dates, etc. in Europe & Japan is minimal at best.

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