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Default I hope the soundtrack to the new TF movie doesnt suck

I know my wish for having an all heavy metal soundtrack for the new Transformers movie probably wont happen. Especially since most big budget films made now, tend to pay more attention to what songs are doing well on the Billboard charts, rather than what fans want.

Its doubtful if Vince DiCola will compose a new score for this new film

Its doubtful that Lion, Spectre General, or even Weird Al will write new songs for this film.

I know that hair metal is out, but to me it still sounds cool

I know that I am doomed if the opening credits start out with some fresh funky beats by either Bow Wow, Ludacris or Snoop Dogg

Whats worse? some of the autobots dancing to the lyrical likes of Kelly Clakson, Britney Spears or J-Lo.

I know Ironhide has a southern draw, but that doesnt mean I necessarily want to hear Toby Keith, Alan Jackson or Willie Nelson in this new movie either.

I know that Bernie Mac has been confirmed as being cast in this film, and 80% of the time, when a brother is featured in any film, theres bound to be a rap, r&b, or blues song, somewhere in there.

....if this film isnt done right,..Speilberg and Bay are pretty much taking Cybertron to hell in a transformable handbasket!

thoughts anyone??....
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