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Originally posted by EvillEdd
Well, look on the bright side, at least it isn't a ****ty liscene title made by Atari/Ubisoft/Majesco/Activision.

*NOTE - The Atari Transformers game was DECENT. I did enjoy it. Even played it twice.

**Majesco occasionally makes good games, when they feel like it.
the graphic quality for the Armada atari game was good - just couldnt find it at all where i live to actually "play" it. it could have been horrid and i would not know it (and no i do not always trust reviewers). the Beast Wars game had good graphics, but like i said above: could not find it. I swear where i live is one of the most horrid places to find things ever. I really don't cry on the inside though, I have a feeling I won't be missing out on much.
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