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Wales? O___o

Director's commentary: I'm up late/sick/bored, reading through old posts, posting nonsense in them. I'd like to apologise to the world for being aggressive here. I posted this as a jokey thread but upon reading the reactions I thought "I'm gonna just go all out and be the Dirty Harry of a Transformers message board! It'll be hilarious!" I have to say that I do not condone such behavior. I thank you. Think I'll buy the entire world a pint. Not crazy.
Originally posted by Springer007
words fail to describe the horror of a transformable pen XD
It's not as if it's the first...
Originally posted by ravimus prime
Is that seriously what they meant when they said transforming pens.
They never said anything, it was an article about their bloody company
Originally posted by RUNAMOK
transforming pen? Rather unfolding pen.
Well as Daniel said it’s not exclusively for Transformers, gives them room to market to many companies (Which is fair enough since they are a marketing company) without having the Transformers brand associated with it. Plus its just a little promotional pen.
Originally posted by Angelophile
It transforms from a pen to a pen with ****e hanging off.
Is there any point in reiterating the last post with the super addition of a swear word to make you sound cooler...
Originally posted by Darth Zax
i read the title horribly wrong...
I somehow doubt you did...:rolleyes:
Originally posted by trilobitepictures
It still blows. Nevermind.
Read some of my other points and imagine a few ****s and ****s here and there just to make me sound cooler.

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