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Originally posted by Dreadwing
I have to say that I now have a better appreciation for Infiltration. With Stormbringer takeing place durring it, and knowing that the one shots are comeing, makeing Infiltration the way it is is quite clever. In infiltration, the reader knows pretty much only as much as the three kids. This sets up about a million questions. Much better than just blatantly hurtling robot on robot action at us( a la dreamwave) or useing the first issue to explain the entire history( a la marvel). Just drop on in and learn as we go.
Yup... as someone just summed up rather neatly:

(Me) "We've found out more [...] than may be readily apparent -- Decepticon infiltration, militaristic Autobots, the Machination, a mass highway slaughter, humans being acceptable casualties, military kidnappings, the mysterious ore and Starscream's plot."
Originally posted by Magnusblitz
I think the reason people aren't realizing this is because it's not being shoved in their faces; it's only subtlely being mentioned. There is a LOT going on in Infiltration, and it is a VERY different universe from the ones we've gotten before - just the refreshing change the TF universe needed. DW had a tendacy to slap people in the face with their plot points; even though nothing really happened, it seemed like it was - wow, Sunstorm! Omega Supreme! Bruticus! Explosions! Wow! I'd better ask the same question: assuming I get around to writing a retrospective of Infiltration 1-6, would it be alright if I quote you?
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