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yup yup

dont at all look at Infiltration as its own little mini-series or something

its just the first chapter of many to come. And trust me, future chapters are lookin dang good

Infiltration does its job in setting things up. We start on Earth, first we think its the same old story but then Prime and Megs arent there. Its just a couple small little squads. Then we learn that this war isnt just confined to Earth like it has always been in other continuities. We learn that there's other teams or "infiltration units" on countless other planets. Really widening the scope of the war and putting some good importance on Prime and Megs. I mean, if they're off leading this intergalactic civil war, then what is it that draws them to Earth in particular? what causes the highest ranking officers of both sides to just up and leave to attend to one measely planet amongst a sea of others? these are the things Infiltration is informing us of. This is what its making us ask, and frankly its doing well.

Soon as Infiltration is over, end Chapter 1 of this epic story that is Transformers. Pick up Stormbringer and begin chapter 2, which only gets better

all in all i'm really really excited. If you go looking at infiltration as a single thing, you definately wont be impressed, but its a needed little arc to introduce us to this grand new universe Simon/IDWs setting up. One i really consider the best interpretation of the franchise yet

[and im not saying that just because im coloring some of the books. all that behind, this is some seriously cool stuff happenin here in the IDW-verse]

Right now Infiltration is just letting you tread water before making you deep sea dive in Stormbringer/future chapters to come
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