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Originally posted by DCJosh

all in all i'm really really excited. If you go looking at infiltration as a single thing, you definately wont be impressed, but its a needed little arc to introduce us to this grand new universe Simon/IDWs setting up. One i really consider the best interpretation of the franchise yet
The thing is we don't have the benefit of hindsight, we don't have the TPB in our grubby little paws and obviously we haven't read the future arcs such as Stormbringer. All I can go on is what Infiltration has shown us thus far and in that respect I do view it as a single piece.

Furthermore it most certainly isn't a "little" arc; As Osku said its 6˝ issues and we've also had to put up with delays (Though to be fair that has nothing to do with the content of the issues)

At any rate I've enjoyed what I've seen, whether there's been enough of it is another question (The answer my friend is no…). Furman's script is rather good; I like how he's combined some genuinely great dialogue with some enoyably fluffy camp moments (“Lock and load”, “I'm ready for my medicine”) I find that keeps it from being too serious and thankfully the camp side of the script is by no means frequent enough to turn Infiltration into some ludicrous farce

The action scenes have been executed well, I really don’t have much of a problem with the humans other than the amount of panel time they receive and it does have a subtle charm. Of coarse lots of the small details that are superb and then there’s the aspects of Infiltration that are “not”. But I’m not going to delve into the nitty-gritty…

So it may be an indication of the great things to come and I’ve found that its one of those comics that get better the more you read it, but until I have the benefit of hindsight I do have to view this as a single piece and if I’m expected to be somewhat unimpressed because of this well let’s just say that I find that hard to swallow given that I’ve been collecting this series over an agonisingly, extended period of time and furthermore forked out a large chunk of my spare cash not to mention the Stormbringer adverts and teasers which basically say “Don’t worry its not Infiltration” compounding any gripes I may have

Finally my biggest gripe is this Josh guy I mean have you seen his colours…

Edit: I added a wink to indicate I'm joking in that last sentence.

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