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[@ Thread in general]Wow, that's a whole lot of excuses. I must say IDW have played this marvellously... they and Furman have stretched this mini-series to twice its' natural length, and they have scores of people going "I'm going to have to give this another 12 issues before I even begin to decide whether it's any good or not".

Now, I'm going to say it again. There is a middle way with all this. No, I don't want a comic just like whichever series Infiltration apologists are disembowelling as a not especially cunning smokescreen (we have the equivalent of "I wasn't really that keen on 'A Passage to India"/"It's better than Rambo" going on here). Denyer's managing to actually talk about Infiltration on its' own terms, while some of the rest of you are just getting in his way.

No, I don't want the Dreamwave stuff, or even really the Marvel stuff - think about this, I have those - why would I want to pay for them again? Oh, IDW do Generations as well, don't they?

I just want an enjoyable comic... The comics I prefer to read are probably either as good or better as those others in this thread read, so it's not an aversion to the "comics as art" style Infiltration desperately wants to emulate. Infiltration's more cerebral approach to Transformers hasn't been the problem - the concept and story are sound. I certainly don't want fight scenes, as so far the action has generally been the low point...

It's just be nice if the various plotlines had dovetailed a bit earlier, and if this (very necessary and technically sound) story had been compacted, it would have served its' purpose admirably. I think the narrative's been spun out to be TPB-friendly, or because Furman's up himself.

Infiltration is perhaps far too mired in its' obvious pretentsions to be E is for Extinction for Transformers. Aside from a simple change of premise (first contact is covert rather than overt) there's really been very little new about it (something which puts it alongside the first arc of the Marvel Ultimate titles, with the notable exception of the punchier Ultimates - and those arcs weren't any good on their own merit). Yes, it could prove to be a very good basis for the best TF stories yet. But is it all that good in its' own right? And, to be honest, it really needs to be. The original Marvel mini-series forms a solid foundation for their TF universe (whether this was used properly is another matter...), but it's not actually all that good at all. Infiltration is broadly enjoyable, but I'd say that's largely due to being able to mentally speed up the actions - if it was a film, a lot more people would be bored by now.
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