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Originally posted by Cliffjumper

It's just be nice if the various plotlines had dovetailed a bit earlier, and if this (very necessary and technically sound) story had been compacted, it would have served its' purpose admirably. I think the narrative's been spun out to be TPB-friendly, or because Furman's up himself.
Well thatís where a lot of my gripes lie. The mentality that if we wait for the next thing to be over we will then be able to look back and smile is complete and utter nonsense. How can a six-issue story be a preview? We don't have the benefit of hindsight and even if we did it still doesn't justify 6 issues acting as a preview. Whether the last issue ties it all together (which I have serious reservations about anyway {See my last post in the #5 thread for details}) and we get a spiffy TPB it still doesn't change the individual merits of the issues. And in all honesty without reading them its difficult to distinguish/separate the first 3 issues from one another. If Stormbringer and Escalation turn out to be fantastic it wonít change my opinion of Infiltration.

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