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I wouldn't actually be surprised if #6 doesn't solve anything, instead keeping pretty much everything open for "Escalation" or whatever the third arc is. I can see Prime not even showing up (not that this is a bad thing in itself) and things like that, which will be a problem as "Escalation" is going to need to hit the ground running.

I find it very interesting that something as (apparently - I still personally think the basic premise is simple subversion of the 1984 set-up, and much of the other stuff has been touched on before, and aside from that we're left with a simple switch of perspective which basically allows Furman to delay the origin until he decides on one) radical as Infiltration is followed by what looks to be a very fannish book in Stormbringer. As a marketing strategy it's brilliant. As a comic book, well, it's a bit bizarre.
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