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Originally posted by DCJosh

Infiltration does its job in setting things up. We start on Earth, first we think its the same old story but then Prime and Megs arent there. Its just a couple small little squads. Then we learn that this war isnt just confined to Earth like it has always been in other continuities. We learn that there's other teams or "infiltration units" on countless other planets. Really widening the scope of the war and putting some good importance on Prime and Megs. I mean, if they're off leading this intergalactic civil war, then what is it that draws them to Earth in particular? what causes the highest ranking officers of both sides to just up and leave to attend to one measely planet amongst a sea of others? these are the things Infiltration is informing us of. This is what its making us ask, and frankly its doing well.
You do realize that most of what you just posted above hasn't been garnered from the five issues we have in our hands, right?

Small little squads? Really! I didn't realize that.
War isn't just confined to Earth? We learned that?! Where!?
Other teams on countless planets? What issue was that again, cause I sure as hell don't recall that being mentioned?
Intergalactic war? Is this from the Furman interviews, cause all I know about are some Decepticon bunkers underground.
Highest ranking members up and leave and come to Earth!!? Was that issue five?


This is what you get when you have a drawn out story. Where even an IDW colorist knows things should have been revealed by now but haven't.

I mean, I have found your synopsis above more intriguing then the actual five issues out thus far because everything you mentioned above hasn't even happened yet after five months.
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