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Originally posted by Commander Shockwav
You do realize that most of what you just posted above hasn't been garnered from the five issues we have in our hands, right?

Small little squads? Really! I didn't realize that.
War isn't just confined to Earth? We learned that?! Where!?
Other teams on countless planets? What issue was that again, cause I sure as hell don't recall that being mentioned?
Intergalactic war? Is this from the Furman interviews, cause all I know about are some Decepticon bunkers underground.
Highest ranking members up and leave and come to Earth!!? Was that issue five?


This is what you get when you have a drawn out story. Where even an IDW colorist knows things should have been revealed by now but haven't.

I mean, I have found your synopsis above more intriguing then the actual five issues out thus far because everything you mentioned above hasn't even happened yet after five months.

everything i've mentioned can be surmised from all issues thus far, solicitations, and interviews. I've only read as much of infiltration as you guys have so dont think i know how this part of the story plays out. Its not even my book so i dont get to read it before hand :P

small little squads? learning the war isnt confined to just earth?

all that can be taken from dialogue between Ratchet and Prowl the first few issues.

other teams on other planets? again. can be concluded by the way Prowl speaks of and about protocol, earth and its native alien species' etc etc

intergalactic war? if theres other teams on other planets there's gotta be a reason. heck if theres just one team on earth thats gotta mean there's other bots elsewhere in the galaxy

highest ranking officers coming to earth? that can be taken from solicitations. blah blah blah, starscream uncovers an energy source, blah blah, megatron magically appears in cybertronian mode severely ticked etc etc

Furman mentioned himself megatron *came* to earth. wanted to "put his house in order." Figured itd be quick so he never took on an earthen vehicle mode, etc etc

if he wasnt on earth he musta been somewhere else :P

again, i havent posted anything that couldnt have been taken from the stuff readily available to the public, be it the comics, interviews, or whatever so [and granted i probably coulda gave some better citings and references but its late, my computer is half broken ATM, and i have some X-men Legends to play before bed :P
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