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Originally posted by Angelophile
Did I read wrong?
Nah, I just saw my name attached to the quote, and I was only around for a minute or two.

The "up and leave" bit hasn't come from issues, other than Megatron appearing in the bunker, although I suppose it's implied by the character appearance thing in the front of all issues so far.

Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Forgive me for being naive, but shouldn't it all be in the scripts?
Shouldn't what be in the scripts? The story for this arc is in the scripts for this story. The marketing for upcoming issues, other story arcs and miniseries is elsewhere.

There is a bit of overlap -- anyone with Inf #5 has a short preview of Stormbinger, from which we know Cybertron's wrecked, which most would tie into Ironhide and Prowl being reluctant to contact Prime -- though I don't think it's confirmed within Infiltration so far that Prime's off-planet. Megs is the only one to mention Cybertron.
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