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Originally posted by Cliffjumper
maybe people can keep that seperate when defending Infiltration...?
You've got Infiltration as a standalone story and Infiltration as part of a longer story arc -- they're both valid ways of assessing the story, although you, I and anyone with any experience of good storytelling would certainly baulk at, say, a story conveyed by letter page and interview should any of those plot points fail to turn up in the story; it's not that characters were said to have survived in DW letters pages, for instance, it's that this wasn't ever explained adequately in the story itself (and quickfire regenerations cheapened the previous story arc.)

A large part of the appeal for a fresh continuity are the ideas and potential that brings (consistency, worlds on fire, conflict across the universe, Earth becoming important, the sense that anything can happen, reading to find out what happens next.) Certainly as much as Megatron shooting Skywarp or humans turning up as desiccated husks.
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