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Default Transformers Movie Videogame Info has an article with information regarding the movie's videogame tie-in;
For the full article click on the above link.

He said Activision is actively sharing all assets of the upcoming Transformers film with Digital Domain, the production company Transformers director Michael Bay recently bought. Kassoy said Activision is shooting for a "day and date" release alongside the film on July 4, 2007...

...Activision is shooting for a "day and date" release alongside the film on July 4, 2007.
Also of interest {Though it doesn't specifically mention the Transformers game}

For his part, the youthful-looking Kassoy said that he felt that more than any other, role-playing games are the most promising--and untapped--genre for film-game crossovers. His justification was that while films often elicit an emotional response so deep that people will shed tears, the main emotion action games--the most common fodder for big-screen adaptations--bring is merely shallow thrills. "I think the potential is there to have a game that makes you cry when your character dies," he said, speaking of film-inspired RPGs.
So the Transformers game may well be an RPG...


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