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Originally posted by Denyer
You've got Infiltration as a standalone story and Infiltration as part of a longer story arc -- they're both valid ways of assessing the story, although you, I and anyone with any experience of good storytelling would certainly baulk at, say, a story conveyed by letter page and interview should any of those plot points fail to turn up in the story; it's not that characters were said to have survived in DW letters pages, for instance, it's that this wasn't ever explained adequately in the story itself (and quickfire regenerations cheapened the previous story arc.)
Sorry Stu, I know you love Infiltration and all, but let's be honest here.

You accused DW before of leaving plot holes in the story that were filled in by the letters page. I admit, that is a flaw.

But I'm going by Josh's post above where he is relating to us things that have either not happened or only fleetingly been hinted at, and made it seem like those things were part of crux of the story. They haven't been.

How you can say that Simon's interviews or letters pages in this instance are any different from what Mick did with Blitzwing and the like in his columns is beyond me.

I think your overzealous fondness of Infiltration may be clouding your judgement. As a poster responded to you on the tfw2005 board, stop defending Infiltration like its a flawless work of art. It isn't.

Instead, accept it for what it is. A good three to four issue story that has been drawn out waaaaaaay to long in the form of a six-issue limited series.
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