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Originally posted by Commander Shockwav
made it seem like those things were part of crux of the story.
They have been. Personally I get off on ideas rather than explosions.

Originally posted by Commander Shockwav
How you can say that Simon's interviews or letters pages in this instance are any different from what Mick did with Blitzwing and the like in his columns is beyond me.
Because Furman has a fresh start and opportunity to put those things into his story. McDonough had well over a year of issues in which to tie things together in his continuity and didn't do so.

Originally posted by Commander Shockwav
As a poster responded to you on the tfw2005 board, stop defending Infiltration like its a flawless work of art.
It's a Transformers comic: it isn't, pretty much by definition. In fact, let's just go copy-paste that reply, eh?
Then we're just bouncing mindless opinions neither "side" will change off each other -- but at least a range of opinions are coming across.

My issues with IDW so far:

-- Rauch's colouring is inconsistent, ranging from great to awful.
-- Covers being randomly and misleadingly assigned to issues, such as to a part of the story they don't fit, or featuring characters who appear in the issue doing completely different stuff.
-- One "chapter" broken over issues #1 and #2 of Infiltration. Furman's overwritten every six issue arc he's done in the last few years by about an issue. IMNSHO.
-- Lack of proofreading.
-- I don't see a great deal of point in Evolution (or any crossover/alt-universe), or much logic in the stories selected for Generations reprints. Give us stuff that's hard to find.
-- Beast Wars was character-stuffing and the time-synching doesn't make sense (the Maximals might be displaced, but their base isn't.)

They've all cropped up in discussion, I just don't harp on.
I'll be expecting a change of style and pace for Escalation. I think Infiltration is appropriate for a first story arc. I plan on keeping the issues, which I can't really say about Beast Wars.

Furman has the opportunity to really **** up by March next year, but at present he's doing well for making me want to find out what happens next, and the last time that happened with a TF comic was when scans of G2 #7-12 were hard to come by, several years before the Titan reprints. (IIRC, it was Roger Moe / Prowl who came through with them.)

There's also a lot of interest riding on the one-shots, which run the risk of being rehash (especially Shockwave) and will demonstrate if the knack for self-contained fiction is still with him.
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