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Originally posted by Denyer

I'll be expecting a change of style and pace for Escalation. I think Infiltration is appropriate for a first story arc. I plan on keeping the issues, which I can't really say about Beast Wars.
I plan on keeping them to. Why? Because overall its pretty good. Its a decent read, and will especially be good once in TPB form.

And I to think that storywise, it has been superior to Beast Wars, which had some good moments, but otherwise was mediocre at best.

But I recognize the flaws in its pacing for what it is.

ah well

i'm done with you guys anyway :P
It's nothing personal, Josh.

I just disagree with the somewhat misleading nature of your synopsis above. You readily admit that you garnered much of that from the letters pages and interviews, which is exactly my point.

So in actuality, we are in agreement.
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