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Originally posted by inflatable dalek
Well, having a big gap before issue 7 and another mini inbetween creates the impression of a standalone mini whatever the intent.
Exactly. It's like watching a season of Lost, and then defending it simply on the grounds there's intended to be more in the future, which may or may not be good. Its' very naming as a seperate story means it can be analysed as such. You can analyse UK #199-205 as individual issues, or as Time Wars. The argument for discussing Infiltration as its' own story will surely be confirmed when its' issued as a TPB - I'd bet my left nut they won't wait for Escalation and do a 12-issue TPB. Regardless of its' existance as the first part of a bigger story, it must still function in the format it's been given - so that's as a story in itself, and even as individual issues, and that's what people are debating. To be frank, we're still not guaranteed the full story will actually be told - there's nothing to say Furman's masterplan won't be as half-formed as McDonough's, should the axe fall.
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