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Originally posted by Commander Shockwav
garnered much of that from the letters pages and interviews
As mentioned before, the only parts from solicitations are the big-hitters turning up on Earth, and further confirmation that other teams are currently active elsewhere in the universe.

Small little squads? Really! I didn't realize that. War isn't just confined to Earth? We learned that?! Where!?
#2, Ratchet: "Two whole megacycles of intricate sub-radar cut and thrust"

#2, Starscream: "Having broken protocol" [the 'Cons have an established itinerary for this]

#2, Ratchet: "An image redolent of bitter failure and nightmarish consequences, of bodycounts and worlds aflame."

#2, Prowl: "violations of section six, eleven, fifteen and twenty-two of the Autobot code of interplanetary conflict."

#3, Prowl: "you broke protocol ... you know the code violations intimately" [the Autobots also aren't unfamiliar with the infiltration/siege pattern]

#3, Ratchet: "Why are we here, on this planet? We're here to save lives. Now okay, maybe we're talking mass numbers, a global scale of species saved, but me, I take it one life at a time."

#3, Ratchet: "They dig in and then slowly destabilize the geopolitical infrastructure, formenting global anarchy. Siege mode is a protective military configuration, usually adopted during phase five. I've only seen it once before myself" [Ratchet's explaining that his experience is less than that of others, but he's seen the process played out -- and broken protocol before in contacting native species, as confirmed earlier]

#4, Bumblebee: "something that will warrant a whole alert-status upgrade" [the 'Bots are waiting until the conflict is open to reveal themselves to humans; it's only a matter of time before siege mode]

Are you reading or just flipping pages?

Originally posted by inflatable dalek
gap before issue 7
Aye, it's a damn shame about that.
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