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Originally posted by Denyer

Are you reading or just flipping pages?
The only obvious thing from reading these past five issues is that the Transformers want to be secretive about their existence, and that along that line, the Decepticons are up to no good and the Bot are there to stop them. That's it.

That's what five issues have spelled out clearly.

Regarding your quotes:

"Having broken protocol"
#2, Prowl: "violations of section six, eleven, fifteen and twenty-two of the Autobot code of interplanetary conflict."
#3, Prowl: "you broke protocol ... you know the code violations intimately" [the Autobots also aren't unfamiliar with the infiltration/siege pattern]
If this is what you are saying backs up Josh's synopisis above, you must be quite the detective.

See, in the hospital where I would, we have protocol for if there is a major contamination issue. We have codes of violations and all sorts of procedures that should take place in the event of a terrorist attack.

But guess what? Major contamination and terrorist events have never happened. Still, protocals and procedures are there just in case.

Are you really asking me to believe that a couple of lines by Prowl and Ratchet citing interplanetary protocols are supposed to give me the insight that Josh has had?

#2, Ratchet: "An image redolent of bitter failure and nightmarish consequences, of bodycounts and worlds aflame."
This only hints at what we find in the wake of destruction. The Autobots and Decepticons are at war. How does this reveal anything that the past twenty years of the Transformers hasn't?

#3, Ratchet: "They dig in and then slowly destabilize the geopolitical infrastructure, formenting global anarchy. Siege mode is a protective military configuration, usually adopted during phase five. I've only seen it once before myself" [Ratchet's explaining that his experience is less than that of others, but he's seen the process played out -- and broken protocol before in contacting native species, as confirmed earlier]
Finally! A quote that hints at what could be going on now, hints at the possibility that what's going on on Earth may be what's going on on countless planets across the galaxy.

So in reality I have one line of dialogue in #3 that more clearly addresses what Josh addressed in his synopsis.

But you know what has been even more clear in spelling things out?

Furmans interviews and letter columns.

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