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Originally posted by Commander Shockwav
If this is what you are saying backs up Josh's synopisis above, you must be quite the detective.
This is going to sound harsh, but I think it's just basic intelligence -- those developments aren't based on recent interviews, they've been evident as we went along:

#2 was the turning point for this being a new continuity.

Originally posted by Commander Shockwav
But you know what has been even more clear in spelling things out?

Furmans interviews
And? He's pitching further story arcs -- hard to introduce those without summarising and giving some vague description of where they're going. He could not give interviews and what we'd be missing would be a name for the M corporation (the Machination), plus titles for the following two story arcs (Escalation and Devastation)... that and noting Furman seems to have a bit of a fetish for the "-ation" suffix.

Further to this, anyone who wanted spoilers and read solicitations would have confirmed Megatron was turning up. (As earlier indicated in #3 -- "If the Decepticons have engaged Siege Mode, whatever's happening is happening now! And whether they've gone rogue or are acting under orders, it means the same thing... Megatron!" [The 'Bots are expecting this; they've seen it before.])

People'd also be able to predict Prime's probably going to show ("Could be that itís time for Prowl and Co. to roll out the big guns?" + the cast list shadows) -- although this could be misdirection, just as it's unlikely we'll get Megs reformatted with an Earth mode in this arc. We could see Prime on a viewscreen instructing a more heavily-armed strike force for Earth.
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