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Originally posted by Denyer
It'd be my guess too -- you're not consistent with inconsistencies, and don't just make phoneme substitutions. It's certainly not that you don't have a wide vocabulary.
My Mum's response after that parents evening was "Don't listen to that fat idiot- You're just lazy and need a good kick up the arse young man- No excuses". Most of my mistakes on here are down to me forgeting to double check before hiting "Submit" half the time- Which is lazy and insulting to all of you, but ya love me really...

That's what you get for missing staff meetings.

Vaugly on Topic: Will the delays to the climax of Infiltration have a knock on effect on Stormbringer's start? If it's tying into the events we see here then presumibly it can't start till the first arc has finished?
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