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Originally posted by Nevermore
Does anyone else find the title of this thread incredibly redundant and boring?
"Comic Interview" would probably've confused some people...

Nice find, Aardy.

SPOILER! (select to read)
I particularly like the "post-Cybertron" stuff.

"Junk? No plans as yet. Quintessa likewise. Unicron, definitely on the backburner. Iíve no foreseeable plans to go there. I feel strongly the character has been overused."

Yay. That's no reason to hold off with the placards, dear fandom...

"Iím slightly ducking and diving around the issue of Ďfemaleí Transformers until I can find something, a rationale, that works for me (and for the rebooted storyline as a whole)."

...yep, keep ahold of those placards...

"Every time I try and rationalize gender in giant robots it makes my head hurt."

...and keep fingers crossed, but common sense may be in the ascendancy.

"I will, however, be looking in on Cybertron much more in the second BW series,"

Aces. Might pick it up, then.
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