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On the plus side... these are really beautiful, slick-looking robots. "Alien" is really the best term to describe them. If these were some brand-new toy line, or designs from an unknown video game or movie, or maybe even if you told me that these were Super-Cylons from the new season of BSG, I would be really psyched.

Yes, they go from one mode to another, so technically speaking, they are Transformers.

Was I expecting them to be carbon-copies of the Marvel/Sunbow cartoon/comic model sheets? No, I wasn't. But I was expecting something a bit more in the ball-park of what Transformers have looked like in the 20+ years the brand has existed.

But these are WAAAAAAAAAAAY too far for my tastes and, frankly, I can't see how they can honestly say that they are keeping the fans in mind with designs like these.

All I am reminded of is when TriStar was making their GODZILLA, swearing up-an-down that the fans would be happy... insisting that a leaked photo of an iguana-looking thing with a square head was bogus and that they were sticking to the (then) 40+ years of source material of the character. What they gave us was a decent monster movie. It just wasn't Godzilla.

These are great robots, they really are. I applaud the ILM art department for coming up with such unique designs. But they are not the Transformers.

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