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Originally posted by TFVanguard
That's pretty much been my point all along. If they're doing things so different, going in such a 'new' direction, they way attach the baggage of the branding to it? Why not do original work?
By using an established name, you can guarantee more of a return on the studio's investment. Even the passing movie-goer probably knows the name "Godzilla" or "Transformers" and you have a better chance of someone plunking down $10 for a ticket based on that fact. The 1998 GODZILLA had almost nothing in common with the character that people know. Not quite as many people might have seen it if the movie were named "Killsaur", or something like that. And studios generally don't like taking risks. They like going with what works and they KNOW will turn a buck.

Anyone who invests money into anything wants to make a profit, and if using a name that people know, even if the end result has nothing to do with the namesake's history, then so be it. It'll put just that many more dollars back into their pockets. It's all about the buck$.

"But the Transformers have been around for 20 years. They make money in all kinds of ways. If studios go with what works, then why did they make changes? I don't get it."

Yes, they have been. Where you and I might see a rich history with it's own mythos and deep characters, a studios exec doesn't. Boil it all down and what this movie is is a movie about a toyline. And the demographic they want won't go see a movie about toys. So, they distance themselves from the source material...make it hipper... the robots scarier... throw some hot flavour-of-the-month actor and actresses in it... make sure that there's lots of explosions and make sure that the script is by-the-book... and ultimately make sure that when they're done, it looks nothing like a "toy movie" and thus being more appealing to their intended demographic with all that yummy expendable income.

Now? Why the big changes to the robots? Two reasons. The aforementioned distancing itself from the source material so it doesn't look like a "toy movie", and second... money. Since the designs are for a Paramount movie, Paramount will get a cut of anything that version of the character appears on. Change it enough, and nobody else can make a claim to the design. You think that Paramount wants to let Sunbow and/or Marvel carve into the pie? Hell no. Make'em look really different, and profits off the designs go into Hasbro's and Paramount's pockets alone.

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