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Default "New" German Transformers DVD out

Fellow German fan Metro reported that a "new" German Transformers DVD is available in stores.

The details:
Front cover (see links):
- The logo of the upcoming Transformers live action movie
- Old Dreamwave promotional artwork of Armada Optimus Prime
- Earth as seen in the teaser for the upcoming live action movie

Back cover (not seen in any of those links):
- The info text from the back of the original German TF:TM DVD
- An image of (Armada) Optimus Prime from the PS2 game
- Don Figueroa's "All Optimus Primes ever" poster
- The battle scene from the back of the 1984 Transformers toys' boxes

Now, about the content:

Metro didn't buy the DVD. I doubt any sane German fan will. It's assumed that the DVD itself is identical to the TF:TM DVD released three years ago, simly re-released with a new cover. And that DVD was bad. Really BAD. Horribly dubbed (think "Star TV" bad), with "original English audio" (!), "trailer show" (of non-TF related trailers) and "slide show" (some low quality stills from the movie) being advertized as "special bonus" features. In fact, the original English audio is the only saving grace of this thing, because the German dub is so horribly bad, if you actually speak German fluently, the constant use of unnatural-sounding language, lines that don't make any sense in the context of the respective scenes, and frequent misinterpretations of scenes will turn you off and make you wish you'd never have started the German audio version in the first place.

Note that there exists an older German dub of the movie that was aired on German TV twice in 1994. That old dub, while far from being flawless, was miles above this piece of garbage. Unfortunately, the original audio masters for that old German dub have apparently been lost (or, alternatively, the rights were not available for whatever reason), so we'll probably never see an official release of that dub ever again.

This DVD is nothing but a re-release of an old DVD with a new cover, with the intention to cash in on the buzz created by the announcement of the live action movie.
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