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In short, this is TF:TM - The Unrelated Edition?

I haven't got a clue of whether the original Transformers was aired in Finland. All I know for certain is that The Movie was released on VHS - dubbed in Swedish and subtitled in Finnish.

Seeing how we get screwed over even with the new comics and cartoons (we get less than a half of all the current toys, never any special lines, and Armada was replaced with Energon halfway the season, which made no sense at all either since Energon is a direct sequel...), I do not see us getting TF on DVD in any other format than imported from UK any time soon.

Same thing with Star Trek too. Only series we ever saw in whole was TOS, probably because it was only three seasons to begin with. They only ever aired two seasons of TNG, and two or three of DS9 and Voyager...
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