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Default Contents Of "The Best Of Simon Furman" Revealed
We know our dear TF fans are wondering what's going inside our new collection of "Best of" TRANSFORMERS books, so we've compiled this list of what will be inside TRANSFORMERS: The Best of Simon Furman—stories hand-picked by the long-time TF writer himself. Take a look at all the stories you'll get, and stay tuned for the contents of TRANSFORMERS: The Best of Don Figueroa!
  • TFUK #31-32 "Wrath of Guardian/Grimlock"
  • TFUK #81 "Target: 2006 pt3"
  • TFUK #86 "Target: 2006 pt8"
  • TFUK #172-173 "Wrecking Havoc"
  • TFUS #62 "Bird of Prey"
  • TFUS #70 "The Price of Life"
  • TFUS #75 "On the Edge of Extinction"
  • TFUK #237-239 "Way of the Warrior"/"Survival Run"/"A Savage Place"
  • TFUK #240 "Out to Lunch"
  • TFG2 #7 "Tales of Earth pt4"
  • TFG2 #8 "Tales of Earth pt5"
  • TF Tales from the Beast Wars "Ground Zero"
  • TF War Within (v1) Preview Special 2002 & Preview
  • TF Armada #16 "Worlds Collide pt3"
  • TF Infiltration #6
  • TF Beast Wars: The Gathering #1

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