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Well, that's a bit ****ing pointless, isn't it? Gotta love the way there's two exclusive reprints in that lot, meaning the only way to get "Wrath" on 'acid-free paper' ('cos my copies of UK #31-32 have melted away, I can tell you that for free) is to put 15 in IDW's thong (free tip - Collected Comics #5 can be found for about 2 very easily, and has a better cover - I haven't seen the Best Of cover, but it's a done deal anyway... if people can do it for the movie, I can do it for Geoff Senior Dinobots). Lemme guess, "Sampler for future TPBs allowing fans a grab-bag of notable episodes to follow the stories further" or somesuch in IDW spin?

IDW's attempt to copy Marvel Visionaries ("I have this"/"I don't have this, where the ****'s the rest of the story?") aside, no real clunkers, though Worlds Collide 1 would be a better choice, as would several G2 strips over two random chunks of Tales of Earth, and most UK two-parters over Wrath, which is there so a few more people loosen the wallet for a vanity collection.

Will the Best of Don be laminated?
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