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Originally posted by Denyer
Prime/Megatron alliance; it stands alone quite well.
Yeh, but there's better stuff in G2 which could stand alone, I'm sure you'll agree - dropping those and Wrath in favour of War Without End would be the obvious thing to do, but then they wouldn't have those two 'fresh' reprints to pull in people with Titan/DW TPBs, would they?

As usual with anything reprint-y, we aren't exactly the audience.
The cynical placement of 'Wrath' (which would have made a decent Generations issue...) makes me think while you and I may not be, they would seem to be hoping people with the aforementioned TPB collections go for the thing (especially Stateside, where original UK issues aren't easy to find, what with the apparent fear to import and all). Seriously, though, isn't that what Generations should be there for? What's the point in Generations otherwise, beyond easy dollar? Surely a rare story of 22-page length would be just the thing they want to make someone other than mad completist bastards care about the book (you'd think TPBs would generate more revenue than a single issue or something)? Interesting that Simon would have seemed to have declared the story below quality when he edited the Titan programme, and yet now suddenly it's a hand-picked favourite, ahead of, well, a fair chunk of the prime UK two-parters?

Semi-serious question: I presume Don's doing the cover for The Best Of Don He's So Dreamy, yeh? Does this mean Furman will be doing the cover for best of Furman? That'd tempt me.
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