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Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Yeh, but there's better stuff in G2 which could stand alone, I'm sure you'll agree - dropping those and Wrath in favour of War Without End would be the obvious thing to do
For favourites I'd pick Grimlock's speech in #1, the nuking of San Francisco later on and chunks of #12 from G2, and it'd be easy to get carried away with just, well, reprinting G2 in full.

As a taste of G2, you've got recapping of Megatron, Starscream, Yaniger and the classic "Prime's always right!"

Originally posted by Cliffjumper
isn't that what Generations should be there for? What's the point in Generations
Americans seem to get more nostalgic about the early US comic. They like Don Perlin's art, for one thing -- there's been lots of interest in having him do something for the modern books. (Chalk me down as interested too.)

The selection criteria seems to be stories that a) can be reprinted without any legal query from Marvel, and b) stuff the people choosing like, which has thus far included a lot of unashamed cheese.

Originally posted by Cliffjumper
The cynical placement of 'Wrath' [...] ahead of, well, a fair chunk of the prime UK two-parters?
My first thought also. It's hard to see Wrath being printed by Titan if the surrounding material wasn't, but I suppose it's also hard to see there being a big interest in it except in the context of a larger collection -- something interesting about these picks is that several have recaps tying them into the TF chronology as whole, such as "Prime captive of Shockwave" and Circuit Breaker in this one. Target 2006 has built-in recaps; the picks are as much a guided tour through the chronology as a personal best of... choosing "Fall and Rise..." or similar would jump over there being any early TF story setting.

It still might make a decent Generations issue. The "exclusive" cover art for Infiltrations got a general release.

Originally posted by Cliffjumper
Semi-serious question: I presume Don's doing the cover for The Best Of Don He's So Dreamy, yeh? Does this mean Furman will be doing the cover for best of Furman? That'd tempt me.
Looks like Raiz, if the placeholder of his art from the Hot Rod spotlight sticks around. Hopefully not, as the image has sweet FA to do with the contents.
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